Hamidreza Nabiei

UX Researcher


I am a very motivated person that is interested in UX design. I've studied economics. I have worked as a visual designer for 1.5 years. I've been learning UX research since May 2021. I'm familiar with statistics and quantitative UX research methods. Furthermore, I've experienced the use of R and Python programming languages in various projects.


UX Research

I am familiar with the quantitative and qualitative user experience research methods, such as interviews, surveys, usability studies, A/B testing, competitive audit, affinity diagram, etc.

For me, the most crucial thing in user experience research is using the proper research method, related questions, assumptions, and my conclusions to be data-driven.

UX Design

I use the design thinking method to design the user experience. This method includes five steps: empathy, ideate, define, prototype, and test.

In each stage of this process, I use different tools and methods. These methods include primary research, empathy map, persona, storyboard, user journey map, user flow, lo-fi wireframes, hi-fi wireframes, prototype, user research, etc.

UI Design

The user interface is something that the end-user deals with directly. But beyond that, the process leads to solving a particular problem.

I try to design a clean and minimal user interface. My focus is on problem-solving and usability to design the user interface.

I am familiar with popular design systems and can use various design tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator, etc.